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I was digging through my files today as I was trying to come up with some flavor text for the Broods trading cards I’m designing (edited to add the back card image to the post), when I happened upon a couple of pieces I had written for the original promotional tour almost a year ago. One is a interview with Brand that I think I’ll put up on the release day of Marked by Odin and the other is the beginning of a short story from the point of view of Ingrid. Several people have said that she’s one of their favorite parts of the first book, and I’ll admit here in the safety of my own little space that she’s one of my favorites too. Her dubious hold on sanity makes her fun to write, especially her dialogue. Fear not, good readers, she has a role in the second book as well, though she doesn’t appear until much later. The third book, now only in the early brainstorming phase, will feature her more heavily, I think.

For those of you who have always wanted to take a peek in Ingrid’s head, you will probably be in for a surprise. The events here take place a long, long time before Broods of Fenrir and you’ll notice she’s much more coherent then she seems in the later stories. There are definitely reasons for that, but I can’t really share them with you right now. I will finish it someday, but for now here’s a bit of a teaser for you from a story tentatively titled “Free Will”:

Ingrid stared down into the snarling face she was quite sure would be the end of her. The blue eyes glowed wildly, casting azure light about the dim, torch-lit cave. Rage flowed from him in a tide of dark emotion that prickled at her skin like nettles. The barbed anger attacked her from all sides, shredding the barriers she held in place with every bit of her concentration. She only managed to continue standing in the same room with him because he still had a tenuous grip on the beast. The riling of something so wild was not without price. In order to push him to the breaking point she had to drop every one of her mental barriers. He was too strong otherwise.


When the animal within him managed to break free of his hold, she would suffer. The mental agony would eclipse any physical damage she sustained at his hands. In fact, the sensation of his elongated canine teeth rending her flesh might be a welcome distraction from the shattered remnants of her mind once the creature had crawled its way inside.


“Give in,” she murmured while pushing his sweat-drenched hair away from his face. “Let the beast have me.”


Brand shook his head, closing his eyes. His lips pulled back into a grimace of pain and concentration as she dug her nails into his jaw.


She wondered, not for the first time, if she would have started down the path had she known at the onset what shaping him would cost her. She’d carefully arranged everything before the young pup in front of her had ever drawn breath, but hadn’t suspected that the combination of Kolla’s empathy and Geir’s wrath would result in a creature so thoroughly beyond her control—a monster with a conscience.

PS – I’ve decided I’ll be posting a trading card image a week until release day as a teaser for the giveaway. See you next week, same wolf time, same wolf channel!

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