Science Affliction #11

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Here’s your weekly science stuff!

Number 1 is a bit of depressing news on the global warming front. We may see a complete collapse of the Arctic sea ice shelf within four years.

To cheer you up a bit from that, number 2 is a look at several plants in an MRI. Very awesome!

Number 3 is a story about how we may find a better pain killer in the most unlikely place, a black mamba’s mouth. The world really is just awesome.

In number 4, French bees invade a Mars factory, eat some M&Ms and then produce blue honey. No, that’s not fiction, I promise.

Number 5 is all about how yo momma was a Neandertal.

Special bonus link, because we’re all about the books here: a list of can’t wait for science fiction and fantasy coming out in October from io9. The list includes a new suburban fantasy by Jacqueline Carey that I’m really jazzed about and a new Cory Doctorow book about the copyright apocalypse, just to name two.

Look, not an astronomy link in the bunch. *Snoopy dance*

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