Science Affliction #10

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Let’s get right to the science.

1) Some of you may remember my rant from last year denouncing the Council of Europe’s stance on wireless emissions (if not, here’s a link). Today’s first story from ScienceDaily is yet another study that shows no correlation between wireless and the supposed health problems some people say they cause.

2) A bit of cool mad sciencery that will hopefully help explain how life came about on our pretty blue marble.

3) Enjoy this stunning time lapse video of Joshua Tree National Park that was posted at io9.

4) Warp Drive? Why yes, I’ll take one. Gizmodo had a story this week about NASA working on development of a real-life warp drive. I don’t know how much is wishful thinking and how much is practical, but it’s all-around awesome.

5) A new astronomical toy called the Dark Energy Cam is all the rage. They will use it to gather data on cosmic acceleration that will hopefully allow a accurate estimates of the motion of our Universe. Heavy stuff.

That’s all the science news for now. Check back next week when I promise there will be slightly less astronomy… maybe.



PS – A bonus entry that’s more science fiction than science, a very cool space short film by the name of Grounded.


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