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The second book in the Broods world first draft has been officially completed. The title is now Marked by Odin. It’s currently in the very capable hands of my editor, Lynn McNamee of Red Adept Publishing. It came in at right around 59,000 words. I expect that to grow a bit in the second draft. Unlike most writers I generally add in each subsequent draft rather than remove. I think Broods fans will be happy with book 2, I know I am. I’m still targeting November 20th as the official release date for this one, the one year anniversary of the Broods release. There will be a really exciting giveaway associated with that release. I have a bunch of swag that I’ve been stockpiling for occasion, so keep your eyes peeled here for news about that.

Some other random writing news:

If you haven’t yet, go on over to the eFestival of Words website and sign up. The fun begins August 17th. Giveaways, panels, Q&As, and so much more, including a Scavenger Hunt designed by me! I also encourage you to go vote for the Best of the Independent eBook Awards in a variety of categories. *cough* You should definitely check out the Best Thriller category.

I’m diving into my next project, Songbird’s Lament, now. That’s the one I’m writing in a shared world with four other writers. I’m supposed to have that done for the middle of September. Not sure if I’m going to make it, we’ll have to see how the next few weeks goes. I have quite a bit of it outlined already, so hopefully it will come easily.

I also have an idea for a subsequent book that’s been kicking around for a couple of months and is finally taking shape. I’m really jazzed about this one. It’ll be a contemporary paranormal story concentrating more on magic than anything I’ve done so far. Also featured will be demons, a hot tattooed guy, and a surfer. Go ahead, try to figure it out, I dare you. 🙂

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  1. Congratulations! I think 60k is actually a really good length for a novel.

    I have a hard time saying congratulations instead of condragulations. Damn you RuPaul!

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