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I’m very pleased to announce the release of my second book, Elements of Rebellion. Elements is a stand-alone fantasy novel set in a primitive, barbaric world. If you’d like to read an excerpt, click through to the website for the book. I am still sending out review copies, so if you’d like to request one just use the contact form on the About page.

Here’s the description:

After spending most of her life an unwilling captive in a brothel, Sindari is sold to Lord Devin, a man with a reputation for unspeakable cruelty. In the arms of this man who must pretend he cares nothing for her, Sindari finds compassion, making the journey through her barren homeland all the more perilous. Along the way she discovers she can channel elemental forces that compliment Devin’s ability to manipulate fire.

Harnessing this power, she battles the Dominion, an unrelenting foe that has broken the spirit of the Eldari people through twenty years of savagery. Trapped by the brutal empire that has enslaved millions, Sindari and Devin fight against hopeless odds.

Genre: Fantasy

Length: 85,000

Warnings: Graphic Violence and Sexual Situations

Now available in eBook at All Romance, Amazon (UK), Barnes & Noble, Smashwords. Paperback coming soon!

It’s been a long road, and I’m just so glad it’s finally at an end. 🙂


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