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Lots of great news to share so I’ll get right to it.

First, the ARCs for Elements of Rebellion are ready in .mobi and .epub formats. I’m still confirming formatting and making a last read-through, but I’m ready to let it go out the door. Anyone interested in a review copy can request one now, just go to the About page and send me a message through the form there. Pdf will be a bit longer I’m afraid, but I’ll update when it’s ready. Right now I’m targeting May 20th as the official release date. So it’s very clear for all the Broods fans, this is not the second Broods book. I’m still writing that one. This is a book that I wrote concurrently with the first Broods book set in a different world, a more traditional fantasy with magic and swords. The Elements of Rebellion website is up and running if you’d like to read the blurb or an excerpt.

Second, Underground Book Reviews added Broods to their Summer Reading List. They are also holding a vote for best read of the bunch. Click on over there and vote for your favorite of those titles.

Third, Romancing the Darkside, a great PNR/UF book blog, is celebrating their first blogoversary with giveaways of lots of great books. Broods is one of six books she’s giving away this week. Entries close on May 11th, so go check it out!

Fourth, I’m sponsoring a Web Hunt this summer June 1st through July 15th at Night Owl Reviews. They are giving away more than 75 prizes, so go sign up to take part!

Fifth, a very special thank you to Kindle Fire Department for a very nice writeup of Broods last week. It’s a great site for all things kindle. Writers, they are wonderful to work with and can’t say enough good things about them. Readers, they highlight a new book every day and offer a list of freebies every day to keep your kindle bursting with great reads.

Sixth, I’m going to start working on a flash fiction story a week again now that my classes are over for the summer. I won’t promise it will last forever, but I’m going to try to keep it up for a while. If you didn’t get a chance to read some of the stories from last year, here’s a quick list.

Whew, I think that covers it. Thanks for reading my rambling news update.



  1. So pleased to hear “Elements” is already in ARC! Can’t wait to buy this one when it comes out. You already know how much I loved what I read back on CC!

    • Thanks so much! The story has come a long way since it was up on CC. The input I got from everyone who read it on on CC, and the very talented GM really helped this story so much. πŸ™‚

  2. Been way too long since I’ve been here. Got out of the habit of checking on certain blogs. But I have Chaos and Insanity listed on my blog so I’ve kept up with parts of new posts. Which is how I knew you had Lots of great news to share.

    And boy do you . NIIIICE… Triple Niiiice even.

    Congrats on the review and write ups. But what is a Web Hunt?

    You make me feel left out, but that’s my fault I keep allowing myself to get distracted from revising my novels. Hmmm, can I pay you to do it???
    Just kidding. But I may know my next post for my blog.

    I’ll be looking over Elements– at least looking over.

    • I’m not the biggest fan of revision myself, but you just have to power your way through it. It gives you a wonderful sense of completion all on its own. πŸ™‚

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