Elements Cover Reveal

Posted by on Apr 14, 2012 in General Insanity | 4 comments

Woohoo! I got my finalized cover for Elements back earlier this week from the wonderful Amanda Kelsey at Razzle Dazzle Design. As some of you probably remember from my previous rant, I’ve had a tough time getting this one out the door. From editing through now, I think it’s taken twice as long as Broods did. I’m really pleased with how the cover turned out, though! You ready to see it? You sure? Here it comes!

You likey? I’m still waiting for one more piece before I ship the whole thing off to my formatter, but I’m hoping it will hit the virtual shelves on or before May 1st. More details when I have them.

Peace Out.



  1. Sweet!! It looks really good! All that blue and that lightning at the back.. Love the model too! 😀 Looking forward to May!

    • Thanks! The model is a little young for the character, but I just loved her expression.

  2. Oh, it’s gorgeous, Coral! So glad this story is going out into the world.

    • Thanks, Grayson! It’s been a long road with this one since you read the first draft, hasn’t it? 🙂 I’m glad it’s finally going out into the world too.

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