Good News, Everyone!

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Two pieces of news have me pretty keyed up today.

Awesome News, The First – I’m finally finished with the edits for Elements of Rebellion. Phew. That one was tough, much harder for me than Broods was. I’d finished writing it before Broods, and the writing was much less polished so it needed a lot of work. Seems like we’re still on track for a spring release.

Awesome News, The Second – I’ve been working for a few weeks now on a top secret project. Five writers, myself and four others, have decided to each write a novel set in a collaborative world we’re building from the ground up. Collectively, the books will be called The Drifting Isle Chronicles. My own novel in the world is tentatively titled Songbird’s Lament. Here’s an interview with one of my collaborators giving a little more information on the project. We’ve got some really exciting things planned, and we’re just starting the process of writing now after a couple of weeks of brainstorming. I can tell you that there will be steampunk, magic, and a floating island. I’ll keep you updated on the progress.

For those interested, here is the list of my co-conspirators:

Joseph Lewis

MeiLin Miranda

Charlotte English

Katherine Tomlinson



  1. Glad to hear _Elements_ is still cooking! The collaborative project sounds like fun, too.

  2. I’m really excited about the collab story. It’s actually fun to work with other people for a change. 🙂

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