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Please welcome to my little corner of the web, author Suzanne Robb. She’s got an interesting book to share, a short story collection by the name of Were-wolves, Apocalypses, and Genetic Mutation Oh my!

Take a gander at the blurb:

In the opening story Welcome to the Future, a teenager feels he has no place in life. His parents and school principal agree. He crosses paths with a doctor who has stolen the DNA of some of the smartest people both dead and alive, and injects it into the brain of the willing teenager with disastrous results

In The Moonlight Killer, a man takes a shortcut home only to find himself attacked by a wolf. In a drunken stupor he decides to bite the wolf back and sets in motion a whole new mythology.

Finally, B.I.T.E. is the story of a dysfunctional family as they try to fend off the impending apocalypse. They fight giant decayed squirrels, cobra sized men, and randomly assembled body parts, bickering the whole way to the end of the world.

And now, on to the good stuff:

1. What’s the first word of your book? (You can exclude articles, pronouns or prepositions.)

Pulp, okay it really isn’t pulp, but wouldn’t that be a neat word to start a story with? The first word is actually “Blink.”

2. Tell me something about your book that I can’t find in the blurb.

The book is a collection of three stories, one of which goes against traditional were-wolf myth and alters it with interesting consequences.

3. In one word, describe your main character. (You can expand afterwards, but limit your initial response to one word.)

Since there are three stories I will use three words, one for each story in order of how they appear.

–   Idiot

–   Disconnected

–   Angry

4. Where does your book take place? Tell me about why you picked that location.

The stories do not take place in specific area, except one that takes place in the future if that counts. I chose not to pick certain locations because the stories themselves did not have to rely on a geographic location to lend support to them.

5. Tell me about your favorite character that you’ve written.

My favorite character I have ever written is the lead character in my novel Z-Boat. Her name is Ally, and she is strong, level-headed, but also emotional and fragile. She is a bit of everything so people can relate to her.

6. What’s your favorite verb?

Geez, only one? I guess it would have to be – orated. I think it is a great verb, but have yet to find a way to use it so it does not sound pompous.

7. What’s the last book you read?

Jasper Fforde’s One of our Thursday’s is Missing. I love him as a writer; he has such a rich imagination. Any person who enjoys writing and or reading needs to check him out.

8. Who was your favorite fictional character as a child?

I am guessing you mean non-comic characters, so I would have to go with Aslan from The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. I cried at his sacrifice and wanted to be as wise and noble as him.

9. Tell me about an event that contributed to your decision to become a writer.

I have had inklings all my life. As a child I thought it was fun when friends were over to write books together. I enjoyed reading over going out with friends all throughout high school and college. Kept a journal and notes of all the ideas I had which I thought might make good stories. Then one day a friend told me I had all these random stories I should write down because they were funny. I did so and the feedback I received was fantastic. I have never looked back.

10. What would you tell past you, if you could send a letter back in time?

Dear past me,

Please pay more attention in classes to the basic rules of grammar. Please write down more of your ideas. And for the love of everything holy, start writing sooner.


Future me

Suzanne Robb is the author of Z-Boat, released by Twisted Library Press. She has over 4 dozen stories in current and upcoming anthologies with various publishers.  She is also a contributing editor at Hidden Thoughts Press, and next year Wicked East Press will be releasing Read the end First, an apocalyptic anthology she edited with Adrian Chamberlin. In her free time she reads, watches movies, plays with her dog, and enjoys chocolate and LEGO’s.

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