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So, instead of doing the last of my edits tonight, I watched Amélie with Ryan. I’m not sure if we’re the last two people on earth to see this movie, but I’m left wondering what took us so long. Actually, it’s kind of a funny story so I’ll relate it here real quick. Back in, geez I think 2002 or so, we started a Netflix account and had our movies delivered to us in those little red envelopes. I’m not sure why we had such a hard time with the whole experience, but we sometimes had movies that we just never watched and were too excited about other movies coming out and had to return unwatched. Amélie was one of those we had for some time, but never saw.

I was recently perusing a thread about the best movies ever and I saw it mentioned a few times. I’d always been bummed that we didn’t get a chance to watch it, so I took a chance and ordered it. Once again, the movie sat around my house for weeks, ignored. I think we were both skeptical because we usually don’t like French movies. A little too quirky and strange for us, I think.

Anyway, enough about that, let’s talk about the movie. It’s phenomenal, in every way I can think of. Amélie is a young woman who’s had a pretty unremarkable life until she finds a young boy’s keepsake box from the 1950’s in her apartment. She sets off to find the man the box belonged to, and in the process she discovers that she enjoys helping others from behind the scenes. Overall, the movie is an adventure, because you never really know what’s going to happen next.

While she’s helping these folks out, she of course learns about herself, and that’s really the thrust of the story. The movie plays with some complex themes about individuality and just leaves you feeling good. The acting is all exceptional, and Amélie is beyond charming. Nice sets and music all the way through. There’s also a really cute love story between Amélie and a man she sees at a photobooth.

Five very enthusiastic stars for this one and a recommendation that everyone should see it if they haven’t.

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