2012 Goals

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I don’t usually make resolutions, because to be honest I don’t think they ever work. Instead I’m going to make mine goals and let’s just leave the New Year nonsense out of it. The only reason I’m posting this now is because the calendar makes a convenient tracker. Last year, I started keeping my wordcount in these posts and graphing them here because that’s what we spreadsheet monkeys like to do. I didn’t keep up on it as well as I could have because I didn’t have any concrete number I was aiming for. I ended up with 90,706 words written last year as a result. Terrible.

I’m going to push myself to keep better track this year by announcing that my goal is to write 250,000 words in 2012. How did I come up with this magical number? I started with the goal of 1000 words a day, and then tried to figure out how many days out of a month I might reasonably attain that number. I settled on 20 days per month, giving me 240,000 words. Then I added in the bonus 10k just for kicks, figuring I can pick up 10 extra 1000 word days out of those “wasted” days each month.

I’ve also set a goal to read 52 books this year. I’m ahead on that curve, because I’ve read two and it’s only the first week!

My third goal is to publish three novel length works this year. That one I’m really unsure about. I know I can make two, but the third will be tricky.

So, that’s my list. Do you have any goals you want to share with the class?



  1. Hi Coral,
    Almost a hundred thousand words in a year is NOT terrible! IMO, anyway.
    My goal this year is to finish one revision of my first book, and start getting some critiques on it.
    Other than that, I’m not a big one year goal setter either. I’d like to plan and write the next two books in my trilogy, but I’m leaving that open.
    The revision comes first. šŸ™‚
    And, read more, yes always want to make more time for that…

    Good luck with meeting your goals!


  2. Goals would imply I have to work towards something. Nah … I go thourgh life in a slight daze , always amazed where I end up. I do have a wish list for 2012. I save the goal thing for Lent season, just in case.

    Writing … I never thought about keeping track. Heck, I can’t keep track of my pets names. Numbers? Lots and lots of numbers. Doesn’t sound like fun. Here’s my wish list for 2012:

    Find bottle of Sloe Gin in the states.
    Visit plantation homes in the summer.
    Go to at least one weekend of Jazz Fest.
    Try a new Sushi roll every week.
    Spend obscene amounts of money on books that I’ll actually read.
    Have a white cake for my birthday.
    Stay alive.

    I think that covers it.

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