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It’s a pleasure to have visiting my blog today one of the nicest ladies I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting online, Katie Salidas. Her three Urban Fantasy books are the Immortalis Series. The main characters in this trilogy are vampires, although there are several other types of creatures lurking about throughout. Her website, Written in Blood, offers a ton of great advice for authors just starting out, and I highly recommend it, along with her books. She’s also one of my favorite Tweeps. Without further gushing on my part, here’s Katie:

1. What’s the first word of your book? (You can exclude articles, pronouns or prepositions.)

I think the first line would best work here, rather than just the first word.

“I hate waiting.”

It shows, in one simple phrase the impatience of the main character and is also the catalyst for the entire series. If she had just been a little more patient and thought things through, she wouldn’t have tried to walk home alone that night.

But, if she hadn’t done that, we would have no story to tell, so I’m glad she did.

2. Tell me something about your book that I can’t find in the blurb.

Being a vampire isn’t all sparkles and handsome men… And the transition is really hard. But you’ll have to read to find out more.

3. In one word, describe your main character. (You can expand afterwards, but limit your initial response to one word.)


Alyssa is a girl with a lot to learn. Not only is she still considered young by human standards, but as a vampire, she is practically an infant. It’s the journey as she grows as a vampire and a person though that makes this story really shine.

4. Where does your book take place? Tell me about why you picked that location.

Vegas is a perfect place for vampires. Think about it, it’s a 24/7 town with a thriving night life, a constant stream of new visitors, and many of the residents here would not bat an eye at a neighbor who never comes out during the day. Most of us “locals” work nights.

5. Tell me about your favorite character that you’ve written.

He’s not the main character at all, but Nicholas is one of my favorites. He has that arrogant attitude that just gets under your skin, but even though you want to smack him, you can’t… he’s one of the good guys. Some of my favorite exchanges in the books in the Immortalis series are the ones with Nicholas and Alyssa arguing. They are too much fun to play with.

6. What’s your favorite verb?


To learn. To find out. The idea of new information. What’s not to like about that word?

7. What’s the last book you read?

I just read a wonderfully steamy collection of travel tales by the talented Sharazade called Transported! I highly recommend it!

8. Who was your favorite fictional character as a child?

Lestat. The brat prince! I was (still am) a huge fan of Anne Rice and the Vampire Chronicles were my first love! Lestat was one of those characters you just had to adore. He was a brat. He did what he shouldn’t but you could never hate him.

9. Tell me about an event that contributed to your decision to become a writer.

There was no big event. No epiphany that made me say “I want to be a writer.” I’ve always written things. I have tons of journals from my childhood. I have silly stories, crazy essays, etc. I think though, if I had to pick one thing, it would be the completion of my first novel-length work, Immortalis, that made me want to share with the world.

Once I finished that novel and people began to read and give me feedback, I wanted more. So I kept the series going. That’s when it changed from hobby to job.

10. What would you tell past you, if you could send a letter back in time?

Don’t lose the manuscript! When my parents moved me from the little town in Texas to the city of sin, Las Vegas, I had been working on a book. It was a YA piece in the vein (pardon the pun) of Vampire Diaries. However, somewhere along the way, the manuscript was lost. That set me back a few years in writing, but it never took away my enjoyment of it.

So, if I could tell myself one thing, I’d say “pack better and don’t lose that damn manuscript.”


Immortalis Carpe Noctem (You can read my review of it here.)

Immortalis Series, Book 1

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