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I got an email today that mentioned that Google Friend Connect would be going away. At first I thought perhaps the person was mistaken because so many sites use it, but according to Google the Friend Connect will be discontinued for all non-Blogger sites as of March 2012. This presents a problem for me since about half of the followers of this blog use that tool. What’s really annoying is that I have no basis to complain, since they provided a free convenient service and have every right to discontinue it. Still, it makes my life difficult so I’m grumpy about it.

GFC followers, if you want to keep tabs on this blog in your Google Reader after March, use this button to sign up for the RSS feed: Add to Google

I’ll figure out a place to put it on the site sooner or later. If you’ve got a website and have a similar dilemma right now, you can go here to make your own Google Reader button.

Another option, if you’re a Google+ user you can use this button to join the page I’ve set up there: 

As of this writing I haven’t cross posted anything there, but I will eventually. If anyone has figured out how to feed something from a blog directly to a G+ page, drop me a note because I haven’t found a way to do it yet.

If you want to use a different subscription service, click here to go to the RSS feed for this site.

Sorry for the inconvenience, if it were in my power I’d keep GFC, because I like it. 🙁



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