Desperately Seeking Inspiration

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This idea comes to me from another student in a Seminar in Fiction class I’m taking right now. She asked her Facebook friends to give her starting lines for stories and I thought it was an amazing idea to get a huge variety of starting points.

So here is me asking you for first lines. You can make them as mundane or as crazy as you want. Use any sort of literary device that strikes your fancy, or none at all. Tell me what you had for breakfast or invent a horrific, previously-unheard-of-and-unpronounceable monster, it’s up to you. I commit to writing a story–no length or time limit, because I’m not sure how many responses I’ll get–for every first line posted here. If I ever become a zillionaire because of your story (and even if I don’t) I will give you a shout as the source of inspiration for said story.


  1. Being killed by a ketchup bottle is embarassing.

  2. The infant smiled, its razor sharp teeth glistening with beads of blood.

  3. No first line here, but something that’s worked amazingly well for me is taking an interesting line from a song. I’ve written completely two completely different stories from the same song line, and a third from another song. The lyric never takes me anywhere mundane! It’s a great technique, if you ask me.

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