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First: As you can probably tell from the picture I’m using, the official release date of the Snowbunny Anthology has been announced as August 29th! It make take a day or more to be visible for purchase, but I’ll post links once it is officially buyable. I’ve read the stories and they are an eclectic collection: a bit of strange, a bit of funny, and a bit of sweet. I am so proud to be among the authors chosen.

Second: I just got my first set of comments back from my editor on Broods 0f Fenrir. She had a lot to say about it. I won’t go into too much detail, but she offered some wonderful input on so many things. Most importantly, she said the story itself was good. Like any insecure artist, I harbor doubts that everything I create is rubbish, so hearing that from her really helped. There’s still some work to be done. She made suggestions I’ve been mulling over for the last couple of days. I’m going to add one scene and significantly change another, then there will be a few things I have to tweak based on those major changes. If you are looking for an editor, I can not recommend Lynn O’Dell of Red Adept Reviews highly enough. She’s just fantastic to work with.

Third: I’m going on vacation for the first two weeks of September. I will not be blogging or online much, but I will be taking a bajillion pictures, so expect to see those upon my return. I have a few posts scheduled to go up during that time and a couple of giveaways that BK Walker over at The Virtual Book Tour Cafe will be running for me, but don’t panic if you don’t see me around my usual haunts.

Fourth: For any authors looking to flex your micro fiction muscles, check out Glitterlady’s Tuesday Tales. She provides a picture and a word and you write a 100 word story. She hosts different judges each week. I participated for the first time this week and got an honorable mention for my story which I affectionately call Honeysuckle Hussy.

Fifth: You, my lovely reader, are awesome. I just wanted you to know.

Sixth: The Romancing Your Dark Side Book Tour that I am serving as a host for next month has started. Every stop along the way has giveaways for you to win books and swag, so go check it out and have fun!

Seventh: (Really, Coral, seven bullets? You’re a wordy bitch today. Don’t worry guys, I’m wrapping it up.) I’ve started a second Broods book. I never really intended to write another one, but an idea occurred to me about a week ago and I started putting down words on it. It’s very preliminary of course, but right now it looks to feature Gunni as a main character, who some of you already know. Don’t worry Brand fans, there’s plenty of him in it too, it’s just not as much his story as the last one was.


Upcoming Posts:

August 27th – Julie Ann Dawson Interview

September 6th – Amber Scott Interview & Giveaway (BK Walker will take care of the giveaway in my absence)

September 13th – Stacey Kennedy Interview & Giveaway (BK Walker will take care of the giveaway in my absence)

September 20th – BK Walker Interview & Giveaway

September 26th – A Jacob Sweeny Interview & Giveaway


  1. Decided to comment here… there too many posts since my last visit to comment on.
    First: Have a good vacation
    Second: will even today’s band widths and memory be able to handle a bajillion pictures? Don’t take too many pictures so you can’t enjoy yourself. 🙂
    Third: Sparks sounds interesting and fits in with one of the sub -genera within UF these days. Seems like there’s a bunch of UF books with someone with special supernatural abilities that works for some form of enforcement.
    Fourth: with the Romance book. It can be good to read something of the norm. I used to do it more but I have to little time to read these days if I want to write.
    Fifth: The Glitterlady’s Tuesday’s Tales sound like fun. I need to see if I can do one since I’ve been immersed in mini stories the past couple of days thanks to a certain 25 to 50 word story contest I entered. There’s more about that on my blog and certain threads on hatrack.

    Sixth: I see by the side that you’re into a book by Ellen Datlow. That name is familiar. 🙂

    I thought about adding a seventh–I could say my spell checker says your spelling of bajillion is wrong– just so we have the same gun but I decided I didn’t need to I have enough self confidence in this area so I don’t need to. 🙂

  2. Your message…

    Rats, I may have to tale that last comment back. I forgot two items.

    First or Seventh is Congrats on getting the editors attention. But I may have missed something. You definitely have an editor? Did I totally forget something I knew or did I blow by it by not going back far enough with your posts?

    Second or eighth: Don’t worry there were ten shooters. but this ain’t one. Or so I hope. 🙂

    I’ve thought about joining one or more of the Virtual book tour groups. I wouldn’t mind having, or doing a couple on my blog, but I’m not sure about the time element.

    Oh, well one last comment. The charity with the backpacks sounds good, there are two local radio stations and a couple of churches working on the same idea here. I didn’t have to have a backpack and even though we had to buy some pencils it wasn’t like they want now.

    That was number nine I believe so I’m still okay with that ain’t comment. 🙂

  3. Sounds like you’re still making good progress with Broods, and I agree with the editor – it IS a good story. I’m also intrigued as to the sequel…

    Other than that, I’d just like to wish you a fantastic holiday. Look forward to seeing the pics when you return!

  4. Thax for the mention. It’s Tuesday again! Don’t forget to join in… PST prizes today! #tuesdaytales RAH RAH SHISH KOOM BAH!

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