Guest Post by Richard Brown: The Coming of the Day

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For your viewing pleasure this Monday, I have a guest post by author Richard Brown. Here’s the description for his novel,  The Gift of Illusion:

Something wicked has returned to Elmwood, and it longs to continue the study it began over a century ago. It’s looking for volunteers, but few seem worthy of the gift. Isaac Winters might be the one. He’s a detective with a damaged past, and something to prove. Still haunted by his wife’s murder sixteen years earlier, Isaac has thought more and more about turning in his badge. Over the years, he’s seen the worst mankind has to offer. Until now. A strange fire has consumed the life of a young girl. But she won’t be the last. There are no witnesses and no evidence except a small stone figurine, a gateway to the past. Accompanied by a partner with questionable experience, Isaac must discover and defeat this faceless villain before it takes from him the greatest reminder of his dead wife. Their daughter.

Leave a comment below for a chance to win a copy of The Gift of Illusion. I’ll draw a winner at 10 PM EST on August 23rd. Please welcome Richard Brown with a sample from his book of poetry, The Rebirth.

The Rebirth is a collection of poetry I wrote about ten to fifteen years ago (has it really been that long?). I credit much of my ability (or lack thereof) to the thirty or so poems contained within this volume. I often say I cut my writing teeth penning these modern masterpieces and the hundreds of other lesser poems that didn’t make the book.

I wrote very little fiction back in those days. I didn’t even read much. It was writing and re-writing these poems that taught me a lot about language. What works and what doesn’t. How to properly put words together, and how to make them flow. How to create that almost musical quality that all aspiring writers aim to achieve. Am I there yet? No, but I think I will be in the not too distant future. I’ve got some big projects lined up for 2012—before the world ends.

Here’s a sample of one of the poems.

The Coming of the Day
In the calmest tide, where moonlight beams,

Its starlit smile of beauteous streams

Glisten and reside, arise—awaken

In thy lover the solemn sleeping bride!


The essence of the silent shore

Relaxing in the eyes no more

Is taken by the storms away

To breathe the coming of the day!


Prepare! Prepare!

For all the mystical magic of the fair

Broadening its wings of flight

With blues and greens of much delight;

Comfortable solely in its sight

To place me there without a care.

Beware! Beware!

Pestilence is lying there!


An off afar the horizon sits

On a tempered layered morning mist

Where the light will soon reclaim the sky.

Invite! Invite!

The sun to bring our slow demise!


If you would like a free copy of my poetry book, The Rebirth do this:

Step 1: Purchase The Gift of Illusion. It doesn’t matter where you buy it or in what form (ebook or print). If you have previously purchased the book, you are still eligible for the free deal.

Step 2: Go to and sign up for my mailing list on the right hand side. I promise I won’t spam your email, the mailing list is only used to announce the release of new books or special deals. You want more books, don’t you? Within 24 hours I will email you back with a random question about The Gift of Illusion. You won’t need to have actually read the book to answer the question, but you may need to have the book on hand.

Step 3: Email me back the correct answer to the question. There is no time limit. Take as long as you want. Also, tell me what form you want your free copy to take. It can be Kindle (mobi), Nook (epub), or PDF. If you prefer something else, ask and I may be able to oblige.

Step 4: Wait for me to send you your free copy of The Rebirth. Shouldn’t take long. That’s it. Enjoy. Thank you.

If you don’t want a free copy of The Rebirth but would like a chance to win a copy of The Gift of Illusion please leave a comment on this post.


  1. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  2. The Gift of Illusion sounds AWESOME. I would love to win! 😀

  3. Great post! This story sounds amazing and I would love to read it!


  4. I like the rhythms you can evoke with poetry. Also, the choice to rhyme or not, depending on what suits the mood better. Great post!

  5. The winner of the free copy of The Gift of Illusion as drawn by is…


    Congrats! I’m forwarding your details off to the tour host and you should hear from her soon.

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