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Today I have, for your reading pleasure, an interview with author Zachery Richardson. Read about his book, Revenge, Everything is Nothing after the interview.

1.  What’s the first word of your book? (You can exclude articles, pronouns or prepositions.)


2. Tell me something about your book that I can’t find in the blurb.

Revenge, Everything is Nothing (REIN) takes place at the same time, and occasionally in the same place, as Chronicles of the Apocalypse 2. So certain events that happen in REIN are referenced in COTA 2, and some events that happen in COTA 2 are mentioned in REIN.

3.  In one word, describe your main character. (You can expand afterwards, but limit your initial response to one word.)

Unyielding. No matter what his opponents throw at him, Jin Sakai just does not quit. At one point later in the series, he goes so far as to plunge his sword through his own stomach in order to kill his opponent! That’s the perfect example of how far he’ll go to defeat his enemies.

4.  Where does your book take place? Tell me about why you picked that location.

REIN takes place in the United States, with the primary setting being a fictional town in the state of Maine called Pine Lake. However, some significant time is also spent in Manhattan. When I created Pine Lake, I wanted a small town setting, so it could serve as both a base of operations and sanctuary for my main characters. I don’t really know why I chose to place the town in Maine, but it probably has something to do with all the Stephen King I was exposed to at the time and he has a habit of using Maine as his settings.

5.  Tell me about your favorite character that you’ve written.

I really don’t have a favorite. They’re like my kids. I do know that some are more fun to write than others. Jin Sakai, the main character of REIN, is probably THE most fun to write. Not only is he a great fighter, but there’s just so many layers to his character that are really fun to explore.

6.  What’s your favorite verb?

Fly. It’s funny, I didn’t think I’d be able to give a specific answer to this question. But I love words that convey speed, and I love the visual that comes with fly and its variations.

7. What’s the last book you read?

I think it was Way of Shadows by Brent Weeks. That one was heck of a read. I wasn’t sure how I was going to like it at first, but the first chapter ended in such a way that I knew I had to finish the rest of the book. I definitely need to read it again.

8. Who was your favorite fictional character as a child?

Probably Goku from the show Dragonball Z. Not only was he routinely the most powerful character in the show, but he was also the most good hearted. No matter how vile the villain, he would never let himself get dragged down to their level. And that show was the earliest influence on Chronicles of the Apocalypse. The powers I gave to my characters were inspired by a lot of what I saw watching that show.

9.  Tell me about an event that contributed to your decision to become a writer.

At the end of my time at middle school, two years after discovering how much I enjoyed writing fantasy, we had this motivational speaker come visit our school. I don’t remember his name, or anything else he said besides this, but he told us the key to being truly happy in life was to find something we loved doing, and then find someone who would pay us to do it. When I heard that, I knew then that I had to pursue a career as an author.

10. What would you tell past you, if you could send a letter back in time?

The very second you publish your book, organize as many Virtual Book Tours as possible. They will save you time, money, and an entire world of frustration!

When you sacrifice the lives of your wife and children to prevent the world’s most powerful clan of assassins from unleashing the Apocalypse, what does that make you? And what do you do when you learn that it was all in vain? For Jin Sakai, that sacrifice turned him into a mere shell of a man, filled only with guilt and hatred. When he learns that it was a sacrifice made in vain, he instantly sets out on a violent one-man war to tear the assassins’ clan down around their ears. After all, who better to destroy them than the man who brought them together?

Things soon turn down a darker path as Jin uncovers the disturbing truth behind his family’s sacrifice; a truth he was never meant to learn. Undone by the revelation, Jin is consumed by doubt and confusion and very nearly loses his life. It is only later when he meets Leah Lawson, a woman with a past almost as dark as his own, that his doubt and confusion vanish and he begins to see a path that will not only lead him to his revenge, but to his redemption.

Unfortunately, there is far more going on behind the scenes than Jin realizes. Forces are at play that have been manipulating the course of his life ever since he was born. By setting out on his quest for vengeance, Jin unknowingly cements his destiny as one of the key warriors in the apocalyptic war that’s brewing just beneath the surface.

Revenge, Everything is Nothing is available for purchase at Lulu.

Thanks for stopping by today and answering my questions Zachery.

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