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I’ve had a Movie Review category on this blog for a long time, but I’ve never used it. There’s no real reason why. I just never got around to feeling strongly enough about a movie to bang out some words. What cinematic masterpiece has broken this trend?

Easy A. Go ahead and get the giggles out now. It’s okay. Seriously. I’ll wait.

Done? Okay, down to business then.

Why I was pretty sure I was going to not like this movie:

It’s an unapologetic teen movie. Anybody who knows me even slightly knows that I’m not a fan of most things teen. The overwrought angst just really gets to me. I freely admit that it is character appropriate and the writers are doing their jobs when it angers me. Don’t care. Hate it.

I’m not a fan of comedies, in general. There’s something just not at all funny to me about trying to be funny. Some comedies work for me, sure, but as a general rule my DVD collection is dominated by drama and tragedy, not comedy.

Why I loved this movie:

It was smart, funny, and oh so clever. Seriously. I wouldn’t lie to you about this. It’s a modern day retelling of Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter (which I hated), and there’s so much about it that I just adored.

Olive is a beautifully written and acted character. She might skew a little old for the role–her dialog at times seemed much too mature– but that worked for me. I’ve loved Emma Stone since Zombieland so that didn’t hurt at all.

For me, I didn’t think the target audience was necessarily teen, especially with repeated references to 80’s teen movies.

The story arc ends with a very sweet bit that you can see coming a mile away, but is still cute and made me “Awwww.” There’s a poignant moment when she confesses that made me tear up. It had all the right emotional notes.

In summary:

Watch it. Well worth the hour and half of your life.

Fair warning: The language and storyline gets a little raunchy. If you are easily offended, you should probably skip it.


  1. I also dislike most things aimed at teens these days. Angst. Yep.

    I also liked Easy A. I loved the relationship with the parents.

    • Yeah! Her parents were almost my favorite part.

  2. Yeah, Easy A was a great flick. And yes, I’m aware this requires me to forfeit my man-card.

    Dialog was fun. The plot was predictable but not boring. Main character was interesting and humorous, and the parental relationship was unusual, in a very good way.

    • Naw, I don’t think you need to turn your man card in for liking this one. The hubs liked it too, and he’s really not a chick-flick lover at all. We just won’t tell anyone and you can go watch some Die Hard or something to make up for it.

  3. Thanks for the recommendation! I’ve wondered about this movie. The Scarlet Letter made a real impression on me, though I think “like” would be too strong a word. I’m adding this to my NetFlix Queue.

    • I think if I read The Scarlet Letter now I might have a different impression of it. I read it back in I think Sophomore year of high school, and that ruined it for me.

  4. Oh, I loved this movie! I need to watch it again!

    I gave you the Liebster Award on my blog: 🙂

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