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Dis (An Urban Midgard Short Story)Dis by Margo Lerwill

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Dis is a fabulous introduction to an Urban Fantasy world inhabited by spirits, ancient gods, and other mysterious forces. Colbie is an interesting character already, and I hope there is more in store from her. Norse mythology is a favorite of mine and it fits wonderfully into the overall mash-up of myths that make up this world.

This short story leaves the reader in the perfect place, with a resolution and more questions to drive the need to read more. I’ll be waiting in line to pick up the next one from this author!

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  1. Sounds interesting. I’m sure I’ve seen the title somewhere but I also am sure I have never seen that cover. I would remember it. Maybe it was just in a list somewhere.

    But that brings another point. I thought about this in your last review and maybe the one before it. But where can you get the book and/or story? In other words is in paper, e-story or both?

    Would you list what type of format it comes in?

    • I’ve heard the name before as well, and I’m sure it’s related to Norse mythology, but I just can’t put my finger on it. I plan to go take a look in some of my sagas to see if I can job my memory about it.

      If you follow the link in the picture you will go to the Goodreads page that offers all the different buying options in the online stores button. I don’t offer specific links because there would be lots of them for some books, and Goodreads offers a good cross-section I think.

      This one is, I believe, is only available in eBook right now. I think you have a Nook, right? The link for that one is:

      • Thanks, I’m a bit late getting back here but thanks again.

        I will check it out, probably more than check. 🙂


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