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I thought I’d do a post to catch up on what I’ve been doing and share my summer plans.

First, how are you? If I haven’t said so lately, thanks for taking the time to read the meandering ramblings that I put up on here from time to time. As a writer, it really means a lot to know that someone is out there reading. I’m not sure why that is. I guess some sort of deep-seated need for communication.

My Broods of Fenrir edits got sidetracked by my in-house beta reader. He gave me a really great idea for a change I could make that would make the main character more approachable early on in the story. As a bit of background, the MC is a bit hard to connect with because he’s not human and a few readers thought he came off as a bit of an ass. Well the suggested changes make him much more sympathetic early on and also works to support a major plot point, which is fantastic. Unfortunately, I had a rewrite a significant portion of the first five chapters in order to implement those changes. So, basically I had to start over. I think the first part of the book is much improved, but it did slow me down some. Still on track for my editing appointment though. I’m going to try to catch back up to the halfway point over this holiday weekend.

In other news, I am going to hold off on posting flash fiction here for a few weeks. Don’t worry, I’m still going to write flash stories! I need a writing outlet somewhere because both of my novels are in edits now and I can’t do nothing but edit, it will make me crazy. I’m just taking a break from posting them so that I can submit a few to some paying markets and see what happens. If I come back here crying in a few weeks, just remember that it’s all Grayson’s fault. Her experience on the Submission Carousel has been making me jealous, and I feel the need to be rejected. Or something like that.

I’m also working on a Writers of the Future entry for the fourth quarter. I can’t go into detail about that since entry is anonymous, but I’ll tell you that it’s Sci-Fi. It’s a neat story so far, and unlike anything else I’ve written. Hopefully I can knock it together in time and stay under word budget.

There are a couple of guest posts coming up that I’m pretty excited about. Katie Salidas will be stopping by on the 12th to talk about werewolves and Kevin Wallis will be here on the 28th with something to say about the horror genre. Keep your eyes on this space to hear about what both of these writers are up to.

Okay, that’s all my news. Hope you have a great weekend.




  1. Oh, Coral, brava! I’m so glad you’re going to submit some stories. Once you get that first rejection out of the way and realize you didn’t die, it gets easier and easier.

    • Wouldn’t you know, now that I’ve made this decision I don’t have a single story idea. 🙂 We’ll see what happens over the weekend. I only have 5 chapters left to edit to get the novel monkey off my back, so hopefully once that’s out of the way something will shake loose.

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