Science Affliction #4

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Here are your science tidbits from around the world:

1) has an article today about noninvasive brain implants being tested by a company called Biobolt. It’s still a long way out, but the ultimate goal is to restore movement to paralyzed individuals.

2) Researchers are mapping what happens in the brain during unconsciousness according to an article at Our brain can do so many amazing things. I wanted to study neuroscience at one point, but I decided that I couldn’t handle a lot of what they do for experiments. Cutting into brains of various creatures and jolting them just wasn’t for me.

3) Very interesting post at about turning a living cell into a laser. Using a cell to produce fluorescent proteins now seems to have more use than simply making glow-in-the-dark kittens.

4) Ed Yong made a thorough post discussing whether repetitive tasks have the potential to increase intelligence. There are a few studies that support the notion, but they are far from exhaustive.

5) Here is a slightly creepy video of an earless bunny born near Fukushima posted by the Curious Cub. There is, of course, speculation that the mutation is because of the recent radioactive leaks, but it’s a bit premature to jump to that conclusion.


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  1. You have some interesting ones this time. And I think they could be the inspirations for some creepy stories. And not so creepy. 🙂

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