Weekly Flash #4 – Jack of All Trades

Posted by on Jun 15, 2011 in Flash Fiction, Word of the Day | 0 comments

This week’s flash fiction is a bit of a bastard child. The idea started out as one of those late morning, half awake dreams. I got about halfway through the story and realized I had run out of steam. Then I thought, well, what if this man doing the carjacking is actually a character from Broods of Fenrir. Who would it be? Why is he carjacking her? So, that’s where the second half comes from. I don’t think it’s my strongest bit of short fiction, but I am a bit fond of it because I finished it through determination and didn’t just give up on it when I wanted to.

Here’s the link for Jack of All Trades. I hope you enjoy it. Please leave comments if you like.

Ryan’s Word of the Day is cynosure, an object that serves as a focal point.

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