Weekly Flash #3 – Last Days of the Dragon

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This week’s bite has a different flavor than the last two. It’s a bit more conventional fantasy. I got the idea from a ten foot high pile of snow that reminded me of a lizard skull. Long past when the rest of the snow had melted, this monster pile of snow sat in the middle of a brown patch of grass and kicked my mind into writing mode. The first line came to me and I imagined it was going to be a novel, because I loved the line so much. The ideas fell off around 1500 words and I got frustrated with it so I left it hanging. When I started this challenge with myself a few weeks ago, I revisited this one, because I thought it might just work as a flash piece. It ends on a little more of a cliffhanger than I’d like, but I think it works. I may still go back and make a longer format story out of the idea later. There are a few things I’d like to try with it. The magic system I had envisioned would be neat to play with, I think.

Here is the link for Last Days of the Dragon. This story is about a woman who discovers that the last dragon of her world is dead. I concentrated mostly on building the world behind this one. I hope you enjoy it. Comments certainly welcome if you’re inclined!

Next week’s installment may be a story about a carjacking. I’m not sure yet. I have about 600 or so words of it written, but I ran into a dead end. I also have a more horror-slanted idea with bugs that has been buzzing around in my brain since I wrote the Beetle Juice story.

Ryan’s Word of the Day is callipygian. It means having a nice ass. I wouldn’t kid you about this, it really does.


  1. So a callipygist is a guy who likes a nice ass, yes? Oh, I can’t wait to tell my husband.

    No, wait…maybe a callipygist is someone WITH a nice ass. Callipygophile?

    And a little person with a nice ass…well, obviously that’s a callipygmy. *Ducks*

    • What a great pick up line. “Hey baby, I’m a callipygophile and you have just what I need.”

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