Science Affliction #2

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Here are your science tidbits for the week:

1) We’ve all read about the zombie ants, now there are mummy beetles too! A blog post by Ed Yong about some cool Aussie bees and how they defend their hive against intruding beetles.

2) Here’s a ScienceDaily post about a new material designed to mimic human skin. They hope to use this tech for much more than just medical purposes, suggesting it could be used for ships and spacecraft.

3) An article about inter-species nookie between mammoths and elephants on LiveScience. (Am I the only one who lives for the day that they Jurassic Park up some mammoths?)

4) One of Saturn’s moons, Enceladus, is now thought to be the most likely place in the solar system to find life.  Details in this article on PS – If you are as into Saturn as I am CICLOPS is the place to be. Really beautiful high-res images that will spin your head.

5) Cephalopod skin has the ability to see colors, according to this article on They use this ability in order to make convincing camouflage which is really neat.

Happy Brainstorming!


Ryan’s Word of the day is autodidactic, one who is self-taught.


  1. I read the story about the mammoths and maybe number five also. But I heard, maybe two years ago, that someone was trying to clone mammoths . They wanted to use elephants as surrogate mothers.

    And five does sound like something I read about a certain type of lizard but I don’t recall them using the word Cephalopod but they probably wouldn’t when talking about the species.

  2. Science really is stranger than fiction, which is why it’s so great to write it into a science fiction story.

    Thanks for the science links! Keep them coming.

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