Weekly Flash #2 – Victory or De-Feet

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So far in this one flash fiction a week challenge I’ve been having a great time. Writing flash fiction is teaching me tons about brevity and the best ways to get things across. Not only that, but it’s been a hoot. The titles and taglines have come fast. Honestly, that’s what I was most worried about starting this. How in the world was I going to come up with 50 plus titles a year? It seemed impossible to me. Yes indeedy, I do have title issues, but it seems not with these guys. I wonder why that is? Maybe because I’m trying so hard not to be serious.

Anyway, this week’s helping is called Victory or De-Feet and features a man with a foot fetish. This story focused on character and relationship development. Once again, I wrote and edited it over two days. I hope you enjoy it. Please leave comments if you feel inclined.

Next week’s story may be one based on the staring line mentioned here. I’ve already written that story, but I may try something else between now and next week. We’ll see. I am supposed to start edits on Broods this week, which will chew up all my writing time, if it happens.

Ryan’s Word of the Day is glossolalia which means speaking in tongues.

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