Happy Sunday of the Paschal Full Moon

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How do you like the new look? I almost went with something a bit more girly, with flowers and such. I suppose it was the influence of spring. I looked at it the next day and realized that it just wasn’t me. That much pink on a daily basis would probably make me break out in hives. Plus considering what I write, cute little flowers might give the wrong impression.

As an amusing side note, when I took down the flowers the husband asked why and I responded with, “It was too girly.” He chuckled and said, “You are a girl.” I didn’t care much for his tone. It came out more like: “You are a girl.” Quite right, I’m glad he noticed… I decided to allow him to live–despite the slight to my honor–because he mentioned something after that about me being cute and well, I’m easily swayed.

Still one frustrating scene away from finishing up Broods. The site redesign was actually a clever attempt at procrastination that you can see worked swimmingly. I did housework earlier instead of writing, as shocking as that is. I am seriously going to finish it up today, even if the fight scene is crappy. I know there are going to be at least two more drafts, so it’s not like it has to stay that way. I’ll just writing something so that I can type “The End” and then say that it’s done. That’s the ticket.

Found an interesting link on Lexi Revellian’s blog for a site called FutureMe with an awesome concept. You can write an email to yourself to be sent whenever you choose in the future. You can also read anonymous selections from other people that they have chosen to make public. Browsing through there makes for some interesting reading.

Ryan’s word for 4/24 is bellicose which means aggressive or hostile. I wonder if his choice has anything to do with our girl conversation. Hmm. For some reason the word reminds me of Bela Lugosi. Let’s try out a picture of him as the featured image and see how that works, shall we? Image found here.


  1. Hmmm, not sure what I think. Definitely not girly. And I believe I get the idea of girly. Anyway that pic is… I don’t know Gothic or…. Harry Dresden. I mean I can see him using that pic. Not sure what the title of this post means. Did I miss something? The new design is okay, the posts are better, it seems to save a step when you read the comments which is good.

  2. Oh PS

    Congrats to being one frustrating scene away from being finished with Broods.

    And the storm clouds that show for a second before everything pops in almost seems better than the stuff that covers them. I don’t mean the writing and posts, I mean color etc..

  3. Hi Louis!

    The Paschal Full Moon is the first full moon after the spring equinox in the northern hemisphere. It’s used as the basis for both Easter and Passover.

    The storm clouds should stay all the time. Hmm. What browser are you using? I’ve tested in Firefox 3.6 and IE 8 only, but it looked okay in both.

    I actually finished the were-book just a few minutes ago and am celebrating by doing internet stuff instead of going to bed. Wheeeeeee!

  4. The storm clouds are there but are mostly covered up by the boxes that make up your stuff: the posts, and all the stuff on the left. You can still see some at the top. But for a second or so there are no boxes so I can see all of them.

    And in that case a deeper or that is larger ConGrats. For having finish it.

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