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Over the weekend I wrote quite a lot. It felt good. I also finally got an idea where the end of Broods is going. I’m over 50k words right now, with possibly another 10k to go. I’m very excited. I was worried that I’d just have to keep writing after I’d passed my theoretical wordcount total and hope I could figure something out after. Now we’ll see if I can do the ending in my head justice.

In case you missed it in the comments of my rant post, the talented Jennifer Hudock started a Goodreads book club called Chicks with Swords. Where we’ll be reading a fantasy book a month and talking about cool stuff. Check it out if you have a mind to. I thought it should be called Boys with Boobs, but I was outvoted. If you don’t understand that reference you probably didn’t see George R. R. Martin’s response to the NYT review, check it out here.

Ryan’s Word for today:

Obloquy is abusive or derogatory language. It can also mean the disgrace that is suffered as a result of such abuse.

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