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So, I had a huge fit of inspiration today. Finally. I think it’s the first time in about a month that I wrote more than a couple of hundred words spontaneously. I’m proud of myself, so here’s my official pat on the back. *pat pat pat* Good job, girl!

I am very close to finished with the the New/Old SF WIP story now. It’s going to come in a little over the WotF word limit, so I see some editing in my future. I’ve had a few ideas percolating for a day or so with my were-book too. Progress on all fronts! I would like to get back to my Elements rewrite at some point in the near future too. I dearly love the characters in that one and I’d like to see the story told the best way it can be.

As writers, I think it’s important not to give in to our mutual enemies: writer’s block, frustration, doubt, and adverbs. (Just kidding about the adverbs.) So here is me telling you not to give up. Whatever you do today, be it editing or writing or something else, you’re going to do it well and have fun. That, my friend, is a direct order!


PS: For a bit of a laugh, here’s a hilarious video of Shakespeare having a conversation with his editor that I was linked today. Even old Shaky needed an editor’s advice from time to time.


  1. Rereading this after leaving another note on a previous post I saw something I didn’t notice.

    Were-book. Now is that your book that turns into a wolf or your human that turns into a book? That might make an interesting story plot but one movie did the human into a book thing already. Of course you can still do it but just know it has been done.

    • Ha! Were-book is actually just shorthand for werewolf book that I thought was funny. 🙂

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