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I’m so easily distracted lately, maybe that’s part of my problem. I sit down at my desk to write after work and I find myself surfing the internet an hour later, wondering how I wasted so much time looking up something that was supposed to be quick. I did manage to get some writing done on my SF WIP, but not as much as I’d like. I do have a title for it now, but as I’m thinking of submitting it for Writers of the Future at some point, I don’t want to print it here.

Working a little bit on the Dragonbone story as well, but after the first few pages it hasn’t really progressed much. Werewolf story is dead. Again. I’m sure it will come around at some point. Usually that’s what I come back to when everything else is stuck. I really do love the characters and the world, but it’s so hard to make story happen for it. I’ve thought about making it almost more of a collection of short stories before, and I’m almost coming to that conclusion again.

Case in point re: distraction, I started this blog post hours ago (I think four hours at last count), and I’m still sitting here trying to figure out what else to say. At least I managed to get a crit done in that time? Of course, to you, no time at all has passed. What a strange time bubble we have gotten ourselves into, you and I. Maybe it’s more like a time donut. I’m running around the outside and you are sitting in the middle watching me run around like an idiot. You should probably stop me sooner or later, you might get dizzy otherwise. 🙂




  1. Hang in there! I have met your enemy, and he is mine, too. I can’t turn off the Internet altogether — I need it when I translate, to look up terms and understand background and so on — but it’s so insidious! I tell myself I’m going to check WotF, and Hatrack, and io9, and then suddenly I’ve checked a hundred thousand other things, too…..

    I like the “NEW” in that “New SF WIP”….I will be waiting to alpha-read it for ya as soon as it’s ready! 😀

  2. I’ve thought about turning it off entirely when I try to write, but I don’t think I’d survive.

    That SF is the same one you already started reading. I’ve basically been calling it New SF WIP for months now. Sorry to disappoint! The good news is that it’s almost done now. I have the ending done, just need a little bridging part now.

  3. Not again, But I can relate. 🙂

    I think this is the third post in a row I said that about.

    It’s the internet and the site we have in common and playing around too much at times and critting stories sometimes its just plain hard to write even though I want to. But at the same time distractions are also procrastinations. And I think I know one reason I do that more lately

  4. I actually got about 1800 words written today while at work. Sometimes distraction works in our favor. 😉

  5. You have a point there…I have written out some scenes while at work. 🙂

    And should have thought of this with my first note but sometimes distractions are needed activities. This might be a rerun to you.

    Yesterday, I managed to get in a spot of yard work-helped take down the St. Patrick’s day lights before the rain started and later helped my wife take some pictures of her easter bunnies and Solar Fat Cat, instead of writing. Yard work is something I need to let myself be distracted with but sometimes I get too busy writing and forget

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