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So, I’ve been stuck for a little while. Desperate to finish off some old stuff that has been hanging around in my “To Do” pile. Throughout this struggle I have staunchly refused to start writing anything new, because giving up and starting on something new is what I always do. Instead, I’ve been writing almost nothing.

Yesterday, I gave all that up when a bit of inspiration came from the most unlikely place. I was out on my walk and I noticed a bunch of snow that had been piled up during one storm or another. We’ve been having a pretty decent melt for the last week, so almost everything is gone. This pile was particularly huge, so it’s still pretty big, and it occurred to me that it looked an awful lot like a reptile skull. For those of you wondering how I know what a reptile skull looks like, I was a biology major when I first went to college. My favorite course was comparative vertebrate physiology during which we dissected a large assortment of animals, including several reptiles. Anyway, so, this pile of snow looks like a huge reptile skull, just sitting in a field of grass, which is strange. As I’m walking by it, the first line of what I have been working on since then occurred to me. I think it’s probably the best first line I’ve ever written and it just came out of nowhere. Inspiration is funny, innit?

I wanted to close this up with a quote about inspiration from a writer, but I couldn’t find any that I liked. Instead, I found one from Picasso:

Inspiration exists, but it has to find us working.



  1. Hi again.

    This post caught my attention because I have been there… kinda.

    A while back I decided I was doing too many Urban Fantasy stories so decided no more. I was going to try for a non UF non Space opera story. Well, as probably expected, low and behold I got inspired. I forget what inspired it but an opening came to mind and while sitting and thinking about it more came and more. I ended up writing it in three sittings, ahead of everything else I was working on and other ideas that were in line before it. So much for no more UF. 🙂

    But that’s a neat opening you have.

    And one comment about your reading habits. I was kinda surprised to see MCGuire’s book up there on the right. I’m glad someone is reading the same things I am. 🙂 You’re reading it before I started my copy but low and behold-again-I can’t find my copy. I thought I bought it but maybe I only saw it on her web site. This weekend I will buying it along with what I hope to be three other novels that are suppose to come out this month.

  2. The Muse wills and I strive to scribble it all down before I forget it. That’s how I feel most of the time. 🙂

    My reading tastes are pretty diverse. A lot of the time it depends on my mood. I read quite a lot of UF lately, although I tend to like it a little more dark than what McGuire offers.

  3. Finally getting to this.

    My first thought about your comment about McGuire was Darker than hers??? She is pretty dark. But thinking about it. Margaret Ronald’s Hunt series or that is Hound series is darker I think. As is Barb and J.C. Hendee’s Noble Dead series. That one is more fantasy than UF, even though it has vampires and assassin elves. Green’s Nightside is too even though that one is–I don’t know– sort of light dark. Some parts of it, is in a way light hearted even though its a very dark world.

  4. Light-hearted in a dark world is what I really like, I’ll have to check Green out.

    I like McGuire well enough, especially the political intrigues in the courts. That’s actually what I really loved about the newest book.

  5. In that case you might like Anton Strout’s Simon Canderous series. Not as dark as the ones I mentioned but still dark and it is light hearted.

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