On the road to recovery

Posted by on Feb 27, 2011 in General Chaos | 2 comments

Forgive the cliche. So, I’ve had a fairly productive weekend. Not to jinx myself or anything, but I think I might have worked my way through my first official writing breakdown. Hooray for me? I don’t really have a ton to say, I just wanted to pat myself on the back a little bit.

I worked on the werewolf story. Hammered out a few new scenes and did a retouch pass on one that had been bothering me for a while. I’ve retuned the main characters motivations a little bit, and I think he’s more robust as a result. I’m more pleased about it in general sense. Still not really sure where it’s going, but at least now I think it’s going somewhere.





  1. Glad to hear you’re making progress!

    I’m starting to suspect that stories are many-pass creations: I seem to peel down through layers of character and motivation with every major revision. (Even though I always think I’m writing The Version when I get started…it never is.)

  2. Ya, they are. A lot of what I write in the first few drafts the reader never has any need to know. It just takes me a while to figure out exactly what the stuff they need to know is. 😉

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