Tying it all Together

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I spent most of yesterday tuning up a new section that I had written last week for Elements of Rebellion. I just wrote the last bridging section that connects the new scenes I wrote to the old ending. Now I have to start the revision process of what used to be the final third of the book. Updating for the new action that’s happened and making sure that I’m consistent with the new story and character arc. This might be the hardest part of this first revision. I started to put together a few paragraphs of what will be the new expanded ending. Most of it will remain the same, but there’s another character that I have to work in and I think the part after the climax needs significant rethinking based on some new character backstory I worked in.

I’m eager to get the second draft finished so I can do another read through and see how it flows with the new middle section. I’m up to 26 Chapters and 78k words. I think it might end up around 80k, which is a nice length, I think.

I’ve been doing a lot of critiquing lately as well, and I’m learning so much from that process. I can’t express how beneficial it is to read different styles. It’s no wonder that almost every writing book says you have to read in order to write. I’d expand that idea to say you have to read not only complete works, but different steps in the writing process. Reading the difference between a first and second draft as the story matures gives such a wonderful insight into the guts of writing.

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