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I’ve made a lot of progress in the last few days with my Elements of Rebellion rewrite. I haven’t been keeping track of my words very well, because it’s difficult to count when you’re cutting sections from other bits and Frankenstein-ing them together. January may end up looking lackluster as a result. I’ve added two whole chapters so far, some 7,700 words. The full text now stands at 73k. There’s a plan for one more additional chapter, making the book a total of 26 and probably somewhere around 75k words. Once I finish this chapter (20), I’ll begin the revision of the last portion of the book. I’m going to have to make several changes based on new things that happen, but overall it will be mostly the same.

The middle of the book is much darker now. I’m actually afraid that I might have taken it too far. I may have to dial it back down a bit, I don’t know. That’s what the third draft is for, right?

I haven’t worked much with my new story idea yet. I wanted to get the new parts of Elements put together first, because I had an idea what I wanted to happen. The new story is still very amorphous so far. I don’t really have a plot idea ironed out, just a few characters.

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