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C is for Changes! Big changes! Huge changes! I cut out roughly 8k words of Elements today from the center section. This is in response to the lack of tension in the middle of the story. I took out two chapters and began the rewrite of them. I have a pretty good idea where I’m going with the new section that’s going in.I think the overall word count will go up once I’m finished. I may even have to add an entire chapter. What’s being written in is much darker in tone than what I am replacing. The two chapters that I took out were actually a tension break which is why I chose to remove them instead of just adding more. On the advice of my wonderful husband I’m going to leave a plot thread unresolved for now that I had previously tied up by killing one of the bad guys.

I’m actually going to add in a little bit of foreshadow as well while I’m at it. Most of what happens after will remain unchanged except for a few conversations that will need tweaking. I’m excited about where the story is going now. I think by adding this piece it will change the overall tone quite a bit.

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