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I’ve been moving along well in my revision of Elements of Rebellion. I’m up to chapter 16 now.  I’ve made some good changes, added one scene that gave the world a little more depth. I have two more scenes to add I think, but I’m still debating where to fit them in. One of the big criticisms that my first alpha reader gave me was that there wasn’t a sense of danger. She knew all along that the main character was going to be fine, so there was an element of tension that she missed. The scenes that I’m adding will hopefully add to the dramatic tension. Hopefully the details I’ve added during some of the more violent or tense scenes as I’ve been doing the revision will also add to the overall sense of danger.

I have a new idea for another story that I’ve been dabbling with off and on the last few days. So far I just have characters, no real story. The same thing happened with Elements though, so I’m not worried that I’ll lack for something for my folks to do once I start writing. Unlike Elements,which began as an idea for a scene, this one started with a name for one of the main characters and not much else.

I’ve had massive reading issues for a few weeks now. I can’t seem to read more than a chapter of anything in a row. I don’t know what the deal is, but right now I’m actually bouncing between four books, which might be a record even for me. Vastly different genres too. I have a feeling that might be the core issue. I can’t decide what genre I want to write in, so I’m craving reading all different things.


  1. Oh, hey, is that ME, the alpha reader? I is immortalized! Finally went snurfling around the Web and found you….good on you for keeping a blog. All of mine always suffer a dormant, piddling death, and the poor things don’t even get to know they’re dead, because HEY, I might write another post someday again!

  2. That is absolutely you! Hi 🙂

    Yes, you are forever immortalized here. Someday, when I am super famous, you can claim that you were my first ever alpha reader. Although I think it’s much more likely that I will be the one saying, “I knew her when…”

    I try to use this to keep myself honest for the most part. I’m much more likely to write regularly if I have a record of what I have or haven’t done.

    It’s not much of a blog, really. It’s more like my ramblings about what I’m writing about. 🙂

  3. Well, motivated by you, I’ve pulled out my favorite old blog and dusted it off (see link in my name). I should really renew my promise to post something there every day…it’s a good writing exercise, and it was fun when I managed it.

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