Same Old Story

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I wrote almost 2500 words of the new SciFi story today, and hate all of them. The writing isn’t bad, but I don’t like where it’s going. The problem is that I wanted it to be a short story that would stand on its own and it doesn’t seem like its going to work out that way now. I think that’s the reason I’m a little frustrated with it at the moment.

I’m also stalled in my novel revision, although I did finally decide on a new name for it: Elements of Rebellion. I like the new name a lot, so I had hoped that it would get me motivated to work on it, but it hasn’t. After a very productive November, December has just been a whole lot of blah. I can’t wait until my Christmas break from work, I think that will help me get back on track.

I have been reading a lot, so that’s one in the plus column, at least. I decided I was going to try to read some classics, but I haven’t gotten very far in that pursuit. I made it about ten pages into Sense and Sensibility before I had to quit. Maybe some of the classic Russians will be better, they are on my list as well.


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