I won!

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With a grand total of 58,860 words, I finished my first fantasy novel named Firestorm. The whole ordeal went much smoother than I had anticipated. The words just flowed for almost the entire process. I had two low yield days where I was trying to work something out, but otherwise I was over significantly each day. The writing isn’t bad either. I expect a few more words in the next revision, but I’m letting it sit for another week before I begin that process. Generally you lose words in each revision but I thought of a new scene that needs to be added so I think I’ll actually increase in the second draft.

I’ve been dabbling with my new project, but I haven’t made any real progress yet. I also wrote an essay for an MFA program that I’m interested in applying to. That came in around 850 words. It’s been a busy week so I haven’t really gotten much else done, but I have high hopes for this weekend.

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