So… Close…

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I’m at the very end, finally. I wrote four pages today of what is the second to last scene. I think perhaps two more pages in this scene, and maybe 5 or 6 for the last one. I can’t believe it’s really almost done. There are one or two more scenes that I am pondering adding, but I’m going to let my husband read it first and sees if he notices that they are missing. I don’t think they are strictly needed for the plot so I am hesitant to add them. They would add a little flavor to a center section that could possibly use more fleshing out though, so they remain on the maybe list. I’m getting really excited now because the ending is rolling along so nicely and I can really see the end just how I want it to wrap up. Moving day is Friday, so I am really going to try to finish it up before then even if it’s not well polished just to get the first draft once and for all done.

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