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So, I’ve been bad. I’ve hardly been writing at all and what I did write was actually for an entirely different story that I had the idea for a couple of weeks ago. I updated my word counts, but didn’t put up any posts for that reason. I was a little embarrassed about what I was doing and didn’t want it recorded for posterity here. It’s a fairly important rule of writing that you don’t ever do what I did. You’re supposed to just jot down whatever neat, cool idea you have and keep working on your current project. The truth is I was stalled on Cormorant. I was stuck at a point that I couldn’t get past. The villain’s motivations weren’t really well explored and for that reason I couldn’t write the ending. I didn’t know why he was doing it so I had a hard time wrapping it up. I had an epiphany on my walk today when I was thinking about something entirely different. Now I understand him much better. I made several notes and then started rewriting the ending. I’m pleased with it so far and I’m very happy to be working on it again. I really want to finish this.

There is going to be significant editing needed, but I’ll worry about that after I am done. I need to trim probably 50k words, and I know most of it needs to come out of the beginning. The story is very slow starting, I spend too much time building up the state of what’s happening on the island and there’s no real action.

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