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I’ve been a bad girl. I haven’t been writing much. I’d like to say that it’s because I’ve been hatching nefarious plans for what remains of the book, but that’s just not true. I have been spending a fair amount of time thinking of the scenes that remain on my list, and I’ve pared out two more. Leaving me with two to write and one to rewrite. I worked on part of the rewrite section today. The bit I need to rewrite is important to the story and is also quite large, so I may be working on it over the entire holiday weekend. I wrote four solid pages today and felt good about them, so maybe I did need a little bit of time off. We’ll go with that.

The move date is coming up quickly, I have to get off my butt and start packing. That might cut into my writing time, but I’m actually hoping to have it done before I have to take the moving break. Yes, I have doubts that it will happen too. The timing would be perfect though because that would give me a few weeks to let the thing sit before I start my first true rewrite. We’ll just have to see what happens.

In all honestly this process hasn’t taken as long as I thought that it would when I sat down to start it. I will have to look back at my first notes. I think I’ve only been working on this a bit over six months in total, and that includes one rather lengthy break of almost a month. I don’t think I ever shared where the inspiration for this particular story came from. It actually started out as a dream that I had. One of those half-sleeping, half-waking dreams that seems almost like a memory. I don’t remember the particulars anymore, but the vague idea was the same as the premise of the book. The idea that humans are an endangered species and issues that arise when the system of government that the survivors have embraced is fundamentally flawed. Hmm, that might be a better logline for the book than the one I’ve been going with. I’ll have to think more on that!

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