I mistrust everything that I’m longing for

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I missed my goal yesterday but I think it was worth it. The writing was solid and I finished up a scene well.I finally tied up the scene that I was working on, it tops out around 4000 words I think, so I needn’t have worried a few days ago that all my scenes were going to be 1000 words from now on.

The question of whether I will run out of nifty song lyrics to use as Post Titles remains yet unanswered. I generally shuffle through my iTunes list until something groovy catches my ear. I pick a line out of that song. Sometimes I try to make it a little bit related to the post just for fun, but mostly it’s just a line that I find interesting out of that particular song. If you try to play “Name that Tune” with my titles you will find quite an eclectic mix. It might be an interesting diversion for like five minutes anyway. I wouldn’t give it much more time than that.

The news story released today about the self replicating synthetic genome really has me jazzed up, though I don’t know why. Perhaps I should just ditch this novel business and take up science writing. It certainly has a bigger chance of actually paying off. Anyway, enough pondering. There’s writing to be done!

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