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Posted by on May 12, 2010 in General Chaos | 2 comments

Not a terrible session yesterday. I sabotaged myself (as usual) by playing around with the site a bit. I didn’t change it much and mostly just tried to get my word count graphs to look nicer. I did some more research today on the Google Chart API so if I need something else to do tonight I’ve already got it all set up. I’m efficient like that. I don’t know why I even bother to play with it. I only have one reader (HI HONEY) and he’s inconstant at best. Mostly I look at this as a reflective tool where I can track some interesting tidbits as well. If I have to look at it every day though it might as well be pretty!

Why Oh Why does iTunes so desperately want to play Christmas music today. Grrr. My own fault for having so much I guess.

We found out the date for the move today, June 17th! I’m so excited to finally have a date. I took Wednesday – Friday of that week off from work already. I’ll start to arrange the rest of the business (POD, Homeowners Insurance, etc.) tomorrow. YAY! It feels good to finally be doing something, waiting sucks.


  1. Love the writing coral! Its like being inside my own head.

    • Hi Lin!! I guess my post is a lie now… I have two readers!

      Eventually I’m going to post some of my fiction writing on here probably, but it’s a bit early in the process now. Mostly I’m writing just to teach myself how at this point.

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