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I wrote a nice scene yesterday, and to balance it out I wrote a really terrible one today. I’m not talking about their merits, but their subjects. After yesterday’s saccharine cuteness I started to worry that my book is getting relationship heavy again. I really like the interplay between the two main characters, probably a little too much. All their scenes end up with them making out, but most of that is probably going to come out in the edits.

To make up for the smoochies I had to write something bad today and I did. Thoroughly disgusting and disturbing, but it was interesting to get into my antagonist’s head. Though the scene was on the edgy side (and some will say well over the edge) I enjoyed writing it a lot. He is easy to write because his motivations are clear and nothing holds him back. This is the first scene where we see him being a “bad guy” so I think it was important to see him at his worst.  Writing scenes like this is challenging because it’s a fine line to walk, especially as a woman. In the end I thought it was troubling, and I think that’s the right feeling, but we’ll see what happens. It might have to be toned down a bit later.

The decision to have scenes from the antagonist’s point of view was a difficult one for me. At first I was going to have the identity be hidden and discovered only near the end, but I kept running into problems with my main female character. If it was going to be a “mystery” then I had to drop hints. Every hint I tried I kept thinking to myself, “Well she would figure that out.” It really felt better to me that she wouldn’t have any idea of what was going on though, and to pull that off I had to give away who it was early on. Once I decided that it all clicked together. Scenes with the two of them would be more tense because the reader would know the whole time that he was really a bad guy and something bad could happen at any time!

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