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I dragged myself kicking and screaming over the thousand word mark yesterday. It actually wasn’t that hard to write yesterday, but the scene was a bit different than most of the others I’ve written. Since this was going to be a scene with a lot of different people talking (a meeting) I thought it would be a bit too choppy to write it as actual dialog. Instead I tried to write it more like a summary of what happened. I don’t do that as a rule because I really dig dialog. I’m sure some people will think my writing is a little too dialog heavy, but I like that style. It feels more like you learn things along with your characters to me. I’m sure during the editing process someone (probably my husband) will come along and say, “Why do you have 80% dialog? That’s ludicrous.” (See what I did there. Aren’t I clever?) It’s not really 80%, I don’t know what it is. I may have to go back at some point and calculate it.

I’m currently at nineteen more scenes to be written/finished. The last few days of writing I have been working on two scenes that weren’t actually included on my official to do list. Why am I writing them now then? That’s an excellent question. When I was looking over my list for what to write next another couple of ideas occurred to me and I scribbled them on a sheet of paper. I also decided that I would rework a couple of character interactions last week and some of what I have been writing since is the rewrites. I’m sure that’s an undisciplined writing practice and I should just knuckle under and finish my first draft, but the inspiration for those couple of scenes was so urgent in my head that I wanted to get them down.

I spent the whole day in a training for work so I’m feeling pretty darned blah about everything right now. I am going to try very hard to get my words done today, we’ll see how it goes.

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