Chasing Pirates

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I didn’t bother to update yesterday because I only wrote 100 words the day before. I did a lot of work in class on my final project on Thursday and by the time I got home I just didn’t have any brainpower left. I sat watching tv for a couple of hours and then went to bed early. My project is coming along nicely, I think I will end up with a nice brochure and I should finish up well before time.

Good news on the home front! We went in to sign all the mortgage paperwork yesterday so all of the wheels are really moving now. We accepted an offer on our condo, so whenever we can finalize a date on that we will know our move date. We are hoping it will be at the end of May, but it could be as late as the middle of June. I am so excited!

I wrote around 1200 words last night, the scene worked out pretty well. I still need to finish up a few things with it today. I noted a few changes that I want to make in some scenes that already exist. I also wanted to add another couple of scenes dealing with one of my secondary characters. The scene I was working on last night was one of these. His scenes may end up coming out in subsequent drafts, but I think that they will do a lot to build the world up. One of the problems that I’ve had up to this point is that my world seems a little drab. I’m hoping that Toby’s scenes will add some texture to the world outside of the two main characters.

I also edited out 5 pages and then rewrote it into probably half a page. I think it’s a good change. It could possibly have waited until I was done with the first draft, but it felt necessary as soon as I thought of it, so I went with my gut and made the change.

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