Bees Hum ‘Cause They Don’t Know the Words

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I wrote 1257 words yesterday, pretty darned good ones I think. I amused myself last night by going back and reading some of my older work and picking out the adverbs and passive verbs. On reflection my writing is much more solid without them, but it is more difficult to get the words on the page. Although, since I’ve been concentrating on making these two improvements I have met my goal, so perhaps the difficulty makes for easier writing in my head. I’m not sure. I will stick with the new way for now and see how it goes.

I’m a research junkie. I love to look up information for my stories. In fact, a part of me thinks that I like writing stories because I can do research. I know, it’s a bit disturbing. I bring this up now because one of my characters hums. I was trying to come up with recognizable and hummable tunes that I could use at a few points in my story. I decided that it would fit in well with his character if he hummed mainly patriotic songs, but I realized that I didn’t know enough of them to give him a realistic repertoire. A few seconds later I’m on the Boy Scouts of America web site, looking at so many songs that I’ve never heard of. After a few hours of listening to different versions of songs and reading about the history and creation of the songs I end up with a list that looks very much like the one I started with. The moral of the story is that I will use just about any lame excuse to do research. It’s a sickness.

I spent some time today sketching out the plan for my final project for my graphics class. I start work on it in class tonight, and I think it will come out nicely. I envision an orange and yellow sort of color palette since that is the color scheme that I used on the cover image. I think I am going to use some wood grain from the cover to make frames on the top and bottom of each interior page.

I’ve taken many different types of classes in my academic career, but this is the first time I’ve taken any sort of fine arts. I am really enjoying it. It’s much less intense I think, at a cerebral level. There is no memorization and not much reading. There are lots of little projects to do along the way and is in general much more hands on. It feels like I am more involved with the class than in a more traditional subject. I really am regretting not taking any art in high school, because my career might have ended up in a much different place if I had discovered this earlier. I’m happy that I have the opportunity now, so I’ll make the most of it!

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