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I wrote 597 words last night and crappy words they were. Well, about half were crappy. I did write two pages worth of character profiles yesterday, so I think that counts for something. I have a busy day today, with the house inspection on the new place, a showing for the old place, and class. I am hoping to get my words done today, but it may not happen. I am resigned to not getting much done in the next month and a half while this move is happening. Additionally I have to do the final project for my class in the next couple of weeks.

I finally got to the “good” part of On Writing. That’s not to say that any part I have read so far is bad, just not what I had thought it would be. As I said in another post, the stories of his childhood are amusing, but I didn’t buy the book to read his autobiography. The section I just finished reading dealt with grammatical styles and what makes strong writing.

According to King the road to hell is paved with adverbs. I have read before that adverb usage should be held to a minimum, so I am going to try to reduce it in my writing. I think it will be difficult, I tend to use them a lot. I am not sure I agree with the assessment, I don’t believe that I mind adverb use when I’m reading. I am going to be more aware of it from now on I’m sure. (I just edited out two adverbs from this paragraph. I’m definitely on my way to hell.)

He also mentions the perils of using the passive voice, which is something that I also do. Although my usage of passive verbs is not as pervasive as adverbs I think. Both of these faults, passive verbs and adverbs, King connects to fearful writing. When a writer fears that the reader may not understand his meaning, he falls back on passive voice because it seems stronger.

In summary, it appears that I have a lot of editing ahead of me. I look forward to it. When I read over the full text while I was stuck about a month ago I fixed plenty of errors, but I also found clever bits hidden within. I don’t know if the good parts managed to balance out the bad parts, but the nice things I found encouraged me.

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