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I didn’t write a single word yesterday. Is it ok to retroactively declare it a day off? I think it is. It’s not reasonable to work every day, even if I do find it to be enjoyable work. I’ll try to take one day off each weekend I think, although I’m not sure if it will be better to make it Saturday or Sunday. That will give me a chance to do some things in the new house as well, which is a good idea.

Yesterday I worked for a while changing up some things on the web site, which I am pleased with. I got custom fields working right so I no longer have to type in a line for words written and currently reading. I also added a field for “stuff that’s currently running around in my head” because I thought it would be amusing to look back on that later. I often have a line of song, or even just one word echoing around inside my head for no particular reason. I don’t know how whatever it is gets there most times, although sometimes I do.

One day last week it was the word bloviate. It was the word of the day on one day and once I saw that it was all over. I mean, come on, that’s just a kick ass sounding word, bloviate. I can’t imagine actually using it, but it sounds freaking awesome. Well at least until you hear it about 20,000 times in your head, then you get pretty sick of it.

Sometimes all it takes is for me to say or think the wrong thing. As soon as I typed “sick of it” up there the words of “Sick of Myself” by Matthew Sweet started to go around and around up there.

What a marvelous organ the brain is, to connect all of these seemingly disparate ideas and words with no effort at all. I suppose being able to connect everything in one’s life in a complex web of associations is evolutionarily superior to not being able to, but I’ll be damned if I can figure out how. Mostly it just confounds me. If you think about it long enough the associations generally make sense, although sometimes you just have to wonder where they come from. Why does the smell of anise make me feel sick to my stomach when other people love it? Did I eat enough licorice to make myself ill when I was a child? I certainly don’t remember any such incident. In fact, I’ve hated that smell for as long as I can remember. Oh well, I’m certainly not going to solve the mysteries of the brain while blogging.

I started to write some character profiles for the main characters of Cormorant Island this morning. I’ve read that particular tip before, and I came across it again this morning. I thought I would give it a try since I never have made up detailed profiles before. I have a list of characters where I type up pertinent notes: “has blue eyes”, “father died in a car accident”, that sort of thing. There’s certainly nothing to be lost from making up more detailed summaries of my two main characters, and maybe a few others who are relatively important.

I wrote a one page summary of one of my main characters, including physical details as well as mental attitude and mannerisms. This exercise was overall quite similar to one I did about a month ago, writing a brief story involving the history of different characters. The sense of that particular character grows without an association to the current story that I’m writing. It’s interesting, and I’m enjoying it. I’m not sure that it’s strictly necessary, but it definitely helps to get my mind into thinking about the characters even though I’m stuck in the progress of the story itself.

I also decided to start working on a teaser for my story, a one sentence summary that intrigues and captivates. I struggled for an hour or so and came up with: Survivors of a modern day plague congregate on an island and attempt to establish a foothold of civilization there amid the dangers and hardships of a ruined world. Completely independently Ryan spent a total of about thirty seconds (including sending me the text message) and came up with: Survivors of a modern-day plague face trials and tribulations in a post-apocalyptic safe haven. (I think it’s obvious who has the gift for writing in this family. Why isn’t he writing his own novel again? That’s an excellent question!) I find it hilarious and not at all discouraging that we used several of the same words. He’s only read about the first ten pages of the story so far, but he knows the whole basic storyline.

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