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Three days running I have achieved my goal! I think next weekend I will increase my daily words, but for this week I am going to leave it at 1000 per day and see how it goes. I finished the scene that I have been working on last night, and thought of an interesting plot point that I am building in. Nothing spectacular or story altering, but an intriguing addition that helps build the richness of the world and at the same time gives a deeper sense of one of the main characters. I’m having a good time writing these last few scenes that I’ve been working, although the writing doesn’t come as easy as the more active parts of the story. These scenes help me flesh out my characters on the page. I have always had an idea of the inner workings of these characters of course, but writing these scenes gives those characters a feeling of life that they were lacking and also gives me more ideas of other things that might happen.

I’ve been reading On Writing for about a week now, and though it’s entertaining I really just can’t seem to get into it. Perhaps I just haven’t gotten to the real meat of the book yet, mostly he just seems to be relating tales of his life so far. While the events of his childhood are amusing and have often made me laugh out loud, it just isn’t what I was anticipating. There was a brief part where he talks about why you shouldn’t have your writing desk in the middle of the room where I thought for sure he was going to get into what I actually thought the book was going to be about, but then he lapsed back into a story about a toolbox from when he was a kid. As I already noted, the stories are funny and mildly interesting, just not what I thought I was going to get.

I read every day, but I have a practically terminal case of reading schizophrenia. Sometimes I am in the middle of reading four books at a time, bouncing back and forth whenever one gets slow or I just get curious what was happening back in that other book. This character flaw has only been heightened by the advent of eBook Readers. Now I can carry around a hundred books at a time tucked inside my purse and change which one I am reading with two or three clicks of a button. I change what I am reading with the barest hint of provocation, it’s truly ridiculous.

I also listen to audiobooks daily while I am on my walks and on my drive to work. I’ve found that I like a different kind of story when listening and when reading, which I find interesting. When I’m walking I enjoy very detailed audiobooks, my current selection is The Fiery Cross by Diana Gabaldon. I don’t think I would have a chance of reading one of her books in actual text, it is so meticulously detailed that I think I would have the urge to skim certain sections. I really do love her turns of phrase and enjoy the depth of her writing, but I just think it is too dense to keep my attention when reading. I like listening to it on my walks because if I tune out for a few seconds to look at something or when a thought occurs to distract me I can come back whenever my brain starts listening again and it’s unlikely that I will have missed much in terms of plot. For reading text I like a faster pace because if my attention wanders while I’m reading I find myself stuck on a page for ten minutes while I go over the same paragraph four times.

Next week I start my final project for my Graphic Design class. It’s a brochure for a fictional business and my business is a flower shop. I thought it would be easy to use flowers to make something visually appealing. The professor has allotted six full classes to work on the project, but I doubt I will need that much. It is a relatively simple assignment, I think a ten page layout with graphics and color to make it interesting. I have to print out the booklet and mount it on a board so that I can do a two minute presentation. If nothing else I get to learn about printing professional grade graphics. Overall the class has been rewarding. I’ve learned quite a bit about In Design and Illustrator, which I had no experience with before. I also had the opportunity to work on a Mac again. All three are important things to add to my resume if I want to transition to a more design oriented job. I am not sure that I want to do that yet, but pursuing this path gives me the chance to take a variety of fine arts and design courses and have my company pay for them.

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