Rainy Day Blues

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I made my writing goal for two days in row! I didn’t quite finish a scene but I reached a good stopping point and decided to leave something to continue on with today. I realized while I was writing last night that one of the reasons that I am having so much trouble finishing up the story is because most of the scenes that are left don’t really have any action. They are mostly character development scenes with lots of dialog so they tend to feel the same especially when written one after another. A lot of the character development filler that I’m writing now might even be edited out eventually to make the flow of the story move better.

Right now there are two main characters who trade off points of view in the story, but I have been toying with the idea of adding in a third. This was a character that originally was intended as a cameo sort of role. He shows up in one scene. As soon as I came up with his name though, I had his entire back story spring up in my head which is quite unusual for me. So his was the first back story that I wrote when I was trying to work through my stagnant patch a month ago. After I wrote his history I wanted to put him in more scenes in the main story, and I haven’t thought of a way to do it yet. I could just add in scenes from his point of view though. They would be world building scenes, where you would see what’s going on in the world when the main characters aren’t around. The problem is that I’m not sure what I would have him doing. While his back story was interesting his life on the island really isn’t that remarkable and I can’t think of anything significant that I could have him do. I will think on it some more and maybe I will come up with something.

We made a fantastic beef stew for lunch today! I’ve never made any kind of stew before. I’m not really a fan of soup or soup like things, but this was very good! We had seen Anthony Bourdain making one on television last week and Ryan wanted to try it. It was quite easy really. The worst part was peeling and cutting the carrots and potatoes. I also made some apple turnovers which were very tasty.

It is cold and rainy today, a perfect day for stews and baking. I really enjoy this type of weather. I know some people get depressed when it rains, but I love it. I suppose it’s because I’m a home body. I enjoy sitting at home and spending time with my husband more than just about anything. It’s one of the reasons I am so excited about moving.

I can’t wait to move to the new place, this kitchen is really not made for cooking. The kitchen in the new house is so much bigger with lots of counter space. It will be so nice to cook in! Every time I try to cook or bake in the condo kitchen it reminds me why I want to move so badly. There will be so much more room in the new house, I can’t wait. Right now the big hold up is finding someone to buy the condo. I am fairly confident that we will find someone in time, but the waiting is quite nerve-wracking.

I have been itching to draw all this week, but all of my art supplies are in storage. I will be so glad when I can unpack everything in there and get it back. That stuff was sent away about six months ago now. We had originally intended to move last year, but our realtor convinced us that it is a bad idea to try to sell in the fall. I am hoping to be moved before my drawing class starts in June so that I can have my drawing desk and pencils.

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